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Acadia Healthcare

Acadia provides psychiatric and chemical dependency services to clients in a variety of settings, including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, specialty treatment facilities, residential treatment centers, outpatient clinics, and therapeutic school-based programs.

 Acadia Healthcare’s mission is to create behavioral health centers where people receive care that enables them to regain hope in a supportive, caring environment. 

Acadia Treatment Placement Specialist: Nancy Hilsenrath, LCSW, CASAC, SAP


A Word from Nancy:
"I wanted to take the opportunity to remind you of the services that I provide as an Advanced Treatment Placement Specialist with Acadia Healthcare. I can streamline the process to find the best fitting program for anyone that is struggling with mental health or addiction or is not sure of what their needs are. I am available to discuss the various treatment options for concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance use disorder, chronic pain, eating disorders, mood disorders, or trauma related diagnoses. Acadia Healthcare has programs ranging from primary mental health, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, substance use, and pain management. Acadia treats adolescents and adults and takes most insurance. 

Below is a brief overview of the services that I offer:
- Honest guidance on vetted programs
- Verification of benefits prior to admission
- Streamlining and expediting admission process
- Continuing care planning and step-down support

If we have not been in contact, I would love to connect.

I am happy to discuss with you or a loved one what might be the best treatment facility.  It is an honor to be a  partner and advocate for each and every client."

The search for appropriate behavioral health treatment can be confusing and frustrating. I take a patient first approach to finding the best program that meets an individual’s needs, taking into consideration single or multiple diagnosis specialty programming, location, insurance

and out of pocket costs.


Please feel free to email me, call me, text me to set up a time to talk. I look forward to assisting you.



Nancy Hilsenrath

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