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Alison Lager is the Owner/CEO of Lager Counseling Services. The vision of LCS is that of triumph. Alison has always believed that people can change given the right tools, support and empowerment; people are capable and powerful enough to create the life of their dreams if given the right insight, awareness and actionable guidance necessary for the resolution of all of life’s problems. We credit most of the success of each client to our unwavering belief in their ability to change if they are willing. Alison has created an atmosphere that is warm, accepting, down to earth, and aesthetically pleasing to all the senses. She believes the atmosphere a client comes into should reflect our honor for them and their future selves. We NEVER lose sight of the clients greatness that is yet to be unleashed. We never give up on the infinite possibilities of all human beings. Our code is excellence. Our model is simple. Our philosophy at LCS is to be on the cutting edge of learning and personal development. Alison provides ongoing training in the latest techniques for healing and recovery. She trains each therapist to specialize in all areas of mental health and clinical technique. LCS is innovative style is unique in that once the symptoms are relieved, we step on the gas, rolling up our sleeves, beside the client toward their personal excellence in all areas of living.

Alison Lager, LCSW-R CASAC

Our Clinicians

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Our Board Certified Nurse Practitioners

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~Shana Delis~
Director of  Operations
Shana has over 10 years working in healthcare and also worked in finance for 6 years before finding her place at LCS. Shana is passionate about our mission to revolutionize  mental health care and she works to build systems to ensure quality care to our clients while making LCS a great place to work.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." —Dolly Parton

Our Administration

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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