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This exclusive membership is a simple, yet intensive process that will change your life if you commit to it. By providing a proactive structure in our lives, we will no longer be living in a reactive state. This membership allows for growth, fun, and inspiration in all areas of our lives.  It is a dynamic and interactive group that can be joined at any time. All previous content is available to new members.
Alison's main goal with this membership is to create a momentum of change for as many women as possible. 
This exclusive therapeutic membership includes:
One topic that will be the focus for each month of the year. Each monthly topic is designed to focus on person development and rewiring the female brain. 
One video and one journal writing that is available at the beginning of each week. Each video and journal writing focuses on one subtopic based on the monthly topic. There are four subtopics covered each month.
One live Zoom call with Alison at the beginning of each month. This is direct and personal time spent with Alison, where you will dive into the root causes of what is blocking your growth.